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Brazilian Thong

Brazilian thongs swooped into the world of swimwear from, where else?  Brazil!  These tiny thongs are known as “fio dental” (dental floss) in their native country because of their small nature.  Although in America, the Brazilian thong is known to offer slightly more coverage than its smaller counterparts such as the micro or g-string thong but covers a bit less than brazilian bikinis.  This particular cut offers a small, most often triangular shaped strip of fabric towards the center of the buttocks leaving the outside portion of the cheeks exposed.

These sought-after thongs can be worn in a number of different styles just by changing the color or pattern.  The looks range from sophisticated and luxurious in sleek black to whimsical and fun in a more brilliant colored Brazilian thong.  Notice the difference in the look and feel of these two thong bikinis pictured here.

Brazilian Thong

This two-toned Brazilian thong has a slightly wider cut in the back.  The understated colors give it a more sophisticated feel.  The sides are a simple string fashion with a little flair thrown in by using a detailed trim piece.  The bottom is a simple black fabric with soft trim, but the ruching used gives it a little extra, eye pleasing pop in the back!  This kind of detail will enhance your curves drawing attention to your hips and backside.

Brazilian Thong

This Brazilian thong contains a little less detail, but the radiant color makes this one even more eye catching!  This simple design allows for the color and the woman wearing it to stand out all on their own.  When you’re in a playful mood, a thong in a color such as this vivid peacock blue will make sure everyone knows it!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a vibrant, playful color, or a darker, more seductive hue, you’re sure to find the perfect Brazilian thong out there just waiting for you.